Researched and developed by The Global Beauty Group team, HydroLUX delivers 10 levels of adjustable vacuum and flow and the ability to address a wider range of client skin concerns and objectives than ever before.

Skin renewal meets intense product infusion with HydroLUX - the perfect fusion of traditional microdermabrasion with next generation hydrodermabrasion for enhanced facial rejuvenation, operator ease, client comfort and treatment efficacy.

System Features:

  • Easy to connect, large treatment solution containers allow multiple treatments to be performed before having to switch containers
  • Additional solution options can be incorporated with 3 containers connected at one time and easily adjusted on the graphic user interface
  • 8mm, 15mm and 25mm tips come in 5 levels of abrasion plus 10 levels of adjustable vacuum and flow for ultimate treatment versatility
  • Treatments are fast and easy to perform with the simply, intuitive graphic user interface and foot pedal to control solution flow

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HydroLUX is the latest evolution in hydrodermabrasion technology to join the LUX Series range of clinical grade devices at The Global Beauty Group.

Researched and developed by our expert team, HydroLUX delivers unprecedented service versatility and treatment scope — allowing clinicians to push their hydrodermabrasion service potential higher than ever before.

With 10 levels of adjustable vacuum and flow, clinicians can address a greater number of skin concerns and meet a wider range of client objectives. Treatments can be performed with a single targeted treatment solution or layered with multiple solutions to create a fully customised treatment experience.

When you look at all of the aesthetic services available on the market, Microdermabrasion is arguably the most sought-after and well-known of them all. By integrating targeted treatment solutions, Hydrodermabrasion ensures this in-demand treatment is suitable to a broad range of skin types and conditions.

A must-have on any forward-thinking clinics treatment menu, Hydrodermabrasion can be utilised not only as a profit-boosting skin treatment but as a results-driven treatment add-on or upgrade.

Hydrodermabrasion can also be a key feature in your clinic’s Signature Facial to ensure your business consistently stands out from the competition. A signature facial gives you a competitive edge and offers a memorable experience that your competition can’t compete with.

Hydrodermabrasion treatments can be performed all year round with no pain, no side effects and no post-treatment downtime. This makes Hydrodermabrasion an attractive, lifestyle-driven option for clients, and a powerful, hard-working investment for results-driven clinicians.

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HydroLUX features one of the widest ranges of Hydrodermabrasion treatment intensity on the market.

Thanks to HydroLUX, the exfoliation and skin renewal of microdermabrasion meets the intense product infusion of hydrodermabrasion for enhanced facial rejuvenation, operator ease, client comfort and treatment efficacy.

High powered vacuum suction provides the option of intense exfoliation skin renewal services, and can be adjusted to gentle suction for treatment on more delicate or mature skin types.

We have streamlined industry leading Hydrodermabrasion technology into a smart, portable system that integrates seamlessly into even the most space-limited treatment rooms.

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System Features:

  • Extra-large, easy to connect solution containers save time by allowing multiple treatments to be performed before having to refill or empty containers
  • Three, easily interchangeable solution containers mean additional solution options for treatments tailored to individual client’s skin concerns are just the press of a button away
  • 10 levels of adjustable vacuum and flow provide treatments customisable to client’s unique skin concerns, for point of difference treatments and enhanced treatment efficacy
  • Easily interchangeable tip options marked with tip size, as well as marked and colour coded with grit intensity, take the confusion out of finding the right level of exfoliation
  • Handy tip case, incorporated into the design of the device, means the desired treatment tip is always accessible
  • Switch from dry microdermabrasion to liquid infusion hydrodermabrasion with a press of the footswitch, making dry passes on problem areas easier than ever before
  • The full colour, 8-inch display and intuitive graphic user interface have been designed to make performing treatments as easy as possible for busy, multi-tasking clinicians
  • Cleaning is easy, fast and effortless with an in-built one press 2-minute cleaning cycle

Versatile Treatment Options

  • HydroLUX features a selection of treatment tips: 80 grit, 100 grit, 150 grit, 200 grit and 250 grit
  • 8mm treatment tip: enables targeted decongestion on smaller, harder to treat areas like the nose, nasal labial folds and lip lines
  • 15mm treatment tip: designed for standard facial treatments make maneuvering around the face fast and easy
  • 25mm treatment tip: makes in demand larger body area treatments like back and buttocks “bacials” fast and easy

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage: 110V ~ 230V
  • Weight: 13.5 kilograms (29.7 pounds)
  • Size: L 50cm x W 40cm x H 25cm
  • LCD touch screen: 8” colour touch screen
  • Maximum solution viscosity: 1,000 cps
  • Warranty: 1 year (extendable)

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